Why is Hollywood remaking Verhoeven's Starship Troopers?

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Hollywood has plucked the next Paul Verhoeven classic for a remake. And this time it's our beloved bug killing classic Starship Troopers. But before you freak out, just wait until you hear who's writing the script. Could we be due for a grittier version that's closer to Robert A. Heinlein's original novel — including more Mobile Infantry Power Suit action? Perhaps.

Vulture is reporting that Sony Pictures producer Neal Moritz has hired screenwriters Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz to pen a Starship Troopers remake.

Naturally, our feelings are profoundly mixed about this news. Starship Troopers is our everything film — it's perfect for every occasion. And no one does serious action laced with spicy cheese better than Paul Verhoeven. Then again, we've really enjoyed the recent works of screenwriters Miller and Stentz, especially their work on Thor and X-Men: First Class.. And we can see how a movie that sticks closer to Heinlein's original vision could be fantastic. (Here's a pretty good rundown of the differences between the book and Verhoeven's film.)


But there are things we NEED to know about this reboot. Will the hilarious coed naked showering remain? Will Dizzy still get the long-winded and ridiculous death rattle? Will Michael Ironside be in this film? Probably not, and that may be OK. We're remaining cautiously optimistic about the new translation. After all, we'll always have our DVD of Neil Patrick Harris in his creepy SS reminiscent duds feeling up a giant alien vagina. Always.