Why Scientists Think Our Timeline Could Be Splitting

It's simultaneously comforting and terrifying to imagine that everything that ever could happen does happen. You didn't make that horribly tasteless joke that got you fired and somehow the new Daft Punk single sucks! This isn't just a thought experiment; it's a very real possibility teased by every quantum physics experiment ever.

Our buddy MinutePhysics has delved into the parallel possibilities of parallel universes before, but this breakdown of the "many worlds" idea is a great little explainer for why we think it might exist, and how we haven't been able to prove anything yet. Is everything you ever thought you knew wrong? Probably, somewhere. But with any luck that's not in this timeline. [MinutePhysics]

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Sometimes science can be rubbish. I mean, just because a scientist has a crazy idea doesn't mean it makes sense.