Why Tilt Your Head When You Can Bend Your Vision?

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Reading while flat on your back's difficult. You need to either prop up your head or hold the book awkwardly above your face. Why go through that when you can use these glasses to "bend your vision" and remain supine?


Sold by Hammacher Schlemmer, the Supine Reading Glasses use "two optical-quality glass prisms that bend your vision 90º" so that you can be even lazier for a mere $50. [Hammacher via CrunchGear via Fashionably Geek]



The "Stratton Glasses Effect" might come into play here. Stratton demonstrated that if you wear glasses that make the world appear upside down for few days, the world will flip itself rightside! Talk about the power of perception!


"George Stratton, a psychologist, was intrigued by the idea of perceptual adaptation. Because our retina receives images upside down, he was intrigued to see what happens when the brain receives an image that is right side up. Stratton conducted experiments in the 1890s, in which he tested the theory of perceptual adaptation. One experiment he conducted was one where he wore a reversing telescope for a whole twenty four hours. Sadly, the world looked the same, so he wore the telescoping glasses for eight days straight. By day four, things were upright (not inverted), and on day five things appeared normal until he concentrated on them; then they became inverted again. In addition, Stratton found that when removing the lenses, the image became normal looking after a while. " - Wiki