Why You Will Never, Ever, Ever Have a Real Lightsaber

The only thing a Star Wars viewer covets more than Padme Amidala’s sick wardrobe is a lightsaber. Laser swords wielded by space wizards are cool as hell.

Most unfortunately, lightsabers are kind of not physically possible. As in, the laws of physics as we currently know them do not allow for a sword made out of lasers or plasma.

As we explore in the video above, a laser-based light saber would likely need to be invisible. A more likely weapon is a laser-based gun, which is cool, but not the same thing!


Meanwhile, a plasma-based lightsaber could carry nearly all the properties of the swords we see Jedi and Sith use, but it would be so hot that it would melt the hilt, the wielder’s hand, and basically anything else in the area.

As for the kyber crystals that apparently make a lightsaber physically possible in the Star Wars universe? They’re not real.

I know. I’m bummed too.

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You forgot to mention the obvious for laser: if it is light, how do you make it a definite length? The end of the light saber would keep on going until it hits something