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Now while WidowPC may not sound very familiar—they do seem somewhat reputable with their press and awards—this dual-core laptop seems like it will rock, if/when it launches. The laptop, called the Sting 917X2, is basically a generic laptop case with a motherboard that offers PCI Express, SATA, and can run Athlon 64 FX-57 or Dual Core Processors.

Currently, the DUAL CORE LAPTOP IS PREORDER ONLY. However, the only parts we are waiting on are the dual core and FX-57 chips from AMD. AMD has announced that they will have them to us in November. So, we don't know what do believe. One thing we do believe is these dual core chips are in very short supply and are like computing gold to the for those dreaming of a dual core laptop. We highly recommend preordering now if you want to be one of the first in line. Otherwise, if you order when the chips come in you are more likely to get your dual core laptop in 2006.


Looks like a good laptop, but at $3,500 for a preorder on a white-box laptop with an agreeably amazing feature-set seems a little dicey. Anybody ever order from WidowPC?

Product Page [Widow PC]

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