Wii Controllers Test Your Riiflex for $35 This Summer

Starting at $35 this summer, Power Play's Riiflex brings you closer to the body of a god who sits on a couch and works out with 2-pound weights for 15 minutes daily.


The Riiflex can be used any game on the Wii or also as an additional accessory with the Wii Fit. It also has a design that retains easy access to all controller functions while you're working out. The Riiflex dumbbells will be sold in pairs. For those who need a heavier model and are more fit than the rest of us, there's a set of two 4-pound weights that cost $40. The sets are scheduled to begin shipping this summer. Brian Lam, where art thou?

Update: Apparently, preorders on the Riiflix receive a 30% discount.



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