Wikipedia Celebrates 10 Years Today: Here Are Wikipedia's First Entries

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Wikipedia turned 10 years old today and to celebrate the wonderful crowdsourced, potluck of information, here's a look at their awkward (and sometimes, wild) past. Their first six weeks of existence, all 10,000 entries, are logged right here.


Wikipedia had some pretty bumpy times back then, in the entry on American Football there was a line that said "Dallas Cowboys suck" and referred to Mariah Carey as a "chick with big tits and a hell of a voice (capable of spanning seven octaves)". Ladies and gentleman, the wild west of Wikipedia! (though technically both tidbits are sorta correct)

I don't remember my Internet life before Wikipedia but I don't exactly remember using Wikipedia in 2001. Dang, has it really been 10 years? [Wikipedia 10K Redux via New Scientist]

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My mother is a college professor, she's told me numerous times how Wikipedia is a decent reference tool (tho it shouldn't be the only one), but over the past 5-6 years she's had to deal with more and more students just copy/pasting entire articles and handing them in as essays.

She's usually a pretty lenient lady, but she's had to go to town on them and inflict Fs all over the place after trying to talk some sense into them (which they tend to be pretty oblivious to, considering they think their professors aren't smart enough to see right through their attempt at "writing" essays).