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We've heard suggestions previously that Apple has been struggling to round up content for its new TV streaming service. But fresh reports from the New York Post suggest that Apple is planning to roll the service out by Christmas, and might stream TV channels as apps.


The New York Post reports that Apple is "pitching the idea of offering channels as apps for its devices, including its Apple TV set-top box." What's not clear is whether the apps would come in charged-for bundles—like a cable package—or whether the apps would be available on an a la carte basis.


Apple's previous attempts to create bundled video services have failed because of its bullish attempts to command ad revenue. The New York Post suggests that Apple hasn't lost any confidence—with its negotiating stance described as "we decide the price, we decide what content"—but their sources report that this time round Apple is having more success.

Success enough to perhaps even announce a launch before Christmas, the New York Post speculates. [New York Post]

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