Looking over this morning's press release about the iPhone's easy iTunes activation, I noticed the following fine print:

"Customers with existing AT&T accounts will have the option of keeping their existing phone number and upgrading their account to work with iPhone."


Naturally, my immediate question was, what about customers, like me, who have accounts with other carriers? Number portability has been a reality for a few years, and AT&T has just assured me that you will be able to move your number from an old carrier.

I think that's the law, so I wasn't surprised. But when I pressed AT&T for details, I got no answer. This press release is saying something: that AT&T customers can keep their number when using easy iTunes activation. What we really need to know, a hell of a lot of us, is "How easy is keeping your number if you are switching carriers?" AT&T should be very focused on this key audience, so let's get some answers ASAP!!

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