William Shatner: I Can’t Get Behind That

Speaking of Bill Shatner, a fantastic soundtrack for this evening (or any evening) is the his hit single* "I Can't Get Behind That" of his 2004 album Has Been.

With the help of Henry Rollins, Shatner uses "I Can't Behind That" to just go off on everything and anything, including his rocker. It's brilliant. The puppets are a particularly nice addition to the frenetic tone of the whole thing, and I'm not sure whats up with the Russian (Russian?) subtitles, but it was the only video I could find and frankly they just add to the manic insanity of the whole thing. If this is AT ALL amusing to you, you should totally go check out the whole album. It's a trip. [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]


*in no way actually a hit single

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