William Shatner Shows You How (Not) to Deep Fry a Turkey

Apparently William Shatner almost burned down his house trying to deep fry a turkey. And since no one should ever, under any circumstance, make the same mistakes as William Shatner, here's a video showing the fiery chaos that can come of a turkey frying mishap.


It's actually got some good and usable advice: Don't overfill your fryer with oil; turn off the flame when lowering in your bird; for the love of god, don't do this in your house. And if you want the less useful but wholly more batcrap insane rundown of what really happened to Shatner, that's up for inspection, too. [Fark]

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Done right, a deep fried turkey is great... However, nothing beats a killer slow roast between 200-250 degrees. The problem is that most people are just too lazy to do a slow roast: They cook it at 375+ and then choke on the dry meat unless they top it with gallons of gravy.