Microsoft teamed up with HouseParty for one of the most headscratching promotions we've seen: They want you to throw a party for the Windows 7 launch. We love Windows 7 and all, but Microsoft might be overestimating its party potential.

The idea is to get people together in the week following Windows 7's launch to throw a party in which you "Pick a theme, then upload photos and videos, chat with other hosts, blog your experience, and download fun favors all from your personal House Party page." Lucky party-throwers selected by House Party will receive a "signature" version of Windows 7 Ultimate as well as a Windows 7 Party Pack, because those people really love to party. Get it?


It's a ridiculous advertising ploy, of course—you apply to be a party thrower in exchange for compensation from the companies in the form of free samples. But when we see what other House Party brand house parties are offered, a Windows 7 party sounds sort of appealing. I'd rather sit around and watch someone slowly install an OS than go to a Metabolife weight-loss party where there's guaranteed to be no good snacks. [House Party]

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