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Windows XP on a 4K Display Makes Eyeballs Bleed

Although it's still far, far away from the mainstream, 4K displays do exist! Will they ever take off? It's too soon to tell, but if so, don't try to run XP with one—it's like a UI-crushing black hole.


The ludicrous resolution (that's 4096 x 3072, mind you) stretches the XP desktop to a scale that would require superhuman vision or perhaps some sort of machine telepathy to use. Icons look like tiny bugs. A list of folders reads like the entirety of War and Peace condensed into one vertical bar. And then things just simply start breaking.


Subjecting someone to a setup like this probably runs contrary to the Geneva Conventions—an operating system so distorted, anyone's sanity would quickly snap. And if you tried using ME over 4K? It'd probably just cause an instant atomic explosion. [via Reddit]

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Meh. I'm running 5760x1080... on Windows 7. Winner winner, chicken dinner.