Wink Glasses Will Make You Blink

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I know, you play Call of Duty SO COMPETITIVELY that you can't even blink. But since that mentality leads to eyestrain (which leads to fewer kills), Japan's Masunaga Optical Manufacturing has invented Wink Glasses.


The glasses implement a sensor that constantly tracks how often you blink. Go just five seconds without blinking your eyes and, BAM, eyeball electrocution the lens fogs over your right eye until you blink again.

But at $150 when they hit this August in Japan, you might want to find a way to file the glasses to your insurance. [Impress Watch via DVICE]



Only $150! That is so awesome, because it's been such a hardship trying to make myself remember how to close and then re-open my eyelids all the time. How about a device that make sure I fart after a big bowl of chili or a device that wakes me up if I have gone more than two minutes without snoring.

If someone really thinks this is a necessary product, please step back from the keyboard, proceed to slap yourself in the face HARD a few times, then for God's sake move out of your mommy's basement.