Wireless Gadget Charging Makes World Debut July 9

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Remember those WildCharge wireless chargers we played with back at CES? They're almost here. You'll be able to get one July 9.


Thoughts of hand cancer aside, the way these WildChargers work would require a couple of physics classes to completely understand. The layman's explanation is that it uses inductive charging—the type you see in Sonicare toothbrushes—that will charge your gadget just by placing it on a sheet.


Some more familiar companies other than WildCharge such as Apple, Motorola, and NTT DoCoMo all have their own wireless charging devices in development as well.

What's the point of all this wireless charging? Mostly convenience in not having to have multiple chargers and charging adapters, which may win out over our current favorite charging system, the Chargepod.

Wireless charging: Here at last [Computerworld via The Raw Feed]


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