With These Classy Clip-On Lenses, You Can Call Your Nude Pics Art

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Amateur iPhone photographers know that Apple's camera is capable of producing some impressive images, by most standards. With each new model, the camera only gets better. So, at this point, it seems almost appropriate for a line of slick clip-on lenses to come on the market—no matter how impossibly twee they might be.

Leave it to Gizmon, maker of this ridiculously over-the-top (but actually very good-looking) iPhone case, to come out with these honey-I-shrunk-the-kids-cute clip-on lenses. And unlike other versions of the iPhone accessory, these prove there's no need to be costly or cumbersome.


Available in Fisheye, Circular Polarizer, and 3-Image Mirage, the interchangeable lenses screw onto the clip which mounts snugly to the iPhone. The Gizmon clip-ons ($35 each) are perfect for the perfectionist iPhotographer interested in accenting her work with more than mere app effects. They also look like they belong to someone's very sophisticated doll.


Easy to swap between lenses.


As if being the asshole who trots around taking pictures on his iPad wasn't already pretentious enough.