Withing's Activité Is One Of the Most Expensive Wearables Yet

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Pre-orders have opened for the Withings Activité, the beautiful-looking watch that also happens to be a fitness tracker. Unfortunately, the price is right in line with other quality watches: four hundred and fifty of your finest American dollars.

If you remember, Withings debuted the Activité back in June, along with a tentative $390 price point. That seems to have changed in the last few months, and pre-orders are now open with a $450 price tag. That doesn't seem to be deterring buyers, however, with stock levels showing just 3% left as of the time of writing.


The other details haven't really changed, though — it's still a smart, classical-looking watch with hidden fitness-tracking capabilities. It can track the steps you take, the calories you burn, your sleeping patterns, and the distance you've traveled. It comes in both black and white, with a stainless steel case, a nigh-unbreakable sapphire glass face that acts as a simple touchscreen to toggle between settings, and real leather bands you can swap out for plastic ones if you're feeling particularly active.

Since the Activité was launched, though, the smartwatch market has gotten much fiercer. Wearables like the Moto 360 have raised the bar on style without compromising functionality, and Apple's upcoming Watch will almost certainly give everything else on the market a fair fight. Still, if all you want is a fitness tracker without any of the other smartwatch frills, the Activité will look pretty good on your wrist. [Withings via TechCrunch]

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This would be the one I want, too.

Its kind of disappointing that Apples entry into the wearables game is the least attractive, imo. Not so say it won't be incredibly functional or a breeze to use or anything like that, I just don't find it appealing.