This Wizxer is a pretty interesting device, in the same way that the Mary-Kate wearing everything in her wardrobe simultaneously was interesting. This WinCE device has a 4-inch screen that can play back video and audio from its 30GB hard disk. It also has a 1.3-megapixel camera on the back, so you can sneakily take pictures of people and tell them you're watching a movie.


Additionally, there's FM radio, an eBook reader, VoIP capability, GPS, UMS, video and audio recording through its input ports, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Seriously, it just sounds like the engineers had a field day adding technologies to this—who here can say "feature bloat?" The only thing this doesn't have is a cellphone and Windows Mobile 5.0, which is probably coming in the next version.

Wizxer [via Dapreview]