Women Ditching Tupperware Parties for Taser Parties?

Local 6, who brought us the Spider-Man pepper spray bracelet, today is all over the trend of women dumping Tupperware parties for Taser parties—there's still wine and cheese, but they're groping "light, stylish" metallic pink Tasers which are a "must for any modern woman" instead of boring kitchenware.


While we've questioned the need for gadgets to be small and pink for girls to get on board, to answer the question at the end of the video, yes, women should totally be arming themselves with Tasers. It's kind of hot, plus we have protection, so it's cool. [Local 6 via Tech Digest]

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@Nintenboy01: That was a movie, and not real life. Real life statistics show women have a high risk of assault, sexual or otherwise at some point in their lives. I think women who make the decision to be armed and defend themselves do so in an informed and not hysterical manner. If we were as reactionary as Hollywood portrays, you would all already be dead. I also think a lot of men own these, though not in Pink.