Words With Friends Saved a Man from Death

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The ever-addictive word game cherished by word fiends and Alec Baldwins everywhere has a new star on its sleeve: it prevented a heart attack, sort of!


Australian Georgie Fletcher was randomly matched up with Missouri woman Beth Legler for just another game of Not Scrabble, Ozarks First reports. Unfortunately, Fletcher started to experience symptoms of a heart attack. Fortunately, Legler's husband is a doctor, recognized what was going on, and told Georgia to get to a hospital ASAP, which may or may not be a permissible word in WWF.

He lived! This one feat compensates for the countless frustration heart attacks Words With Friends has caused over the years. [Ozarks First via Mashable]

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Zelda did it!

Reminds me a bit of this article I read last week about a Brit who lost 120 pounds by playing Rock Band 3.

It started something like this:

Title: Brit loses 120 pounds by playing Rock Band 3

Intro: A Brit has lost 120 pounds by combining healthy food, motion and Rock Band 3.

Yea duh, I can lose weight by playing WoW then, as long as I combine it with motion and healthy food.

My point: It's not WWF that saved the guy, it's a chat function that could be found anywhere.