World Is Ending: More Girls Than Guys Online

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The internet is now officially a place to pick up girls, since they outnumber guys on the internets in the US by over 6 million users. Of course, most of them look nothing like Scarlet Johansson, but we can't all be picky. Apparently, only 66 percent of them have heard of YouTube, however. Of course, the more pertinent question is, "are any of you reading Giz?"


More Women Online [eMarketer via Slashdot]

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matt buchanan

@ PopularOutcast: I didn't say "girls" and "men." I said "girls" and "guys," which is different, and a legitimate semantic pairing, I think.

Boys would have worked as well, since you could probably call most readers 20-to-35-year-old boys, though I realize females occasionally penetrate our super-secret boys only intertube access barrier.