Scary punk magically transforms into posh girl—but what's better?

Well that was unexpected. Meet Mel. She's an intimidating punk rocker who has a hot pink mohawk, more piercings than she can count and has never found a studded leather jacket she's never worn before. And then meet Mel again after her made for TV makeover. Who is the better Mel?


The makeover was done for the BBC Three show Snog Marry Avoid? and the results are stunning. Obviously makeover TV shows like this exaggerate the differences but even adjusting the scale for TV wizardry and magic, this is a rather unexpected change.

But of course, beauty is best when you yourself feel beautiful. Though she may look more beautiful after the makeover to some folks, some other folks would probably prefer punk Mel. In the video below, you can see she's happy about the change but no one should have to feel like they have to fit inside a box of what is 'acceptable' beauty in order to be considered beautiful. The eye of the beholder, you know.


As long as people are comfortable with themselves, there is no better.

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What is better is what makes her happy, not what makes everyone else happy. Conformity is shit.