World of Warcraft Runs on iPhone... Mostly

We found a video showing an iPhone running World of Warcraft. It looks surprisingly full-featured, but this isn't a standalone app— more of an evolution of what we've seen before.


We don't think it's fake; if it is, it's an unbelievably elaborate one and we'd prefer to think nobody is willing to put in that kind of time and effort for such a dumb prank. It's done using Vollee, which is used to stream games over 3G, so the video is actually just a stream and the rendering is done on the PC. But it's much smoother than we'd expect over 3G, and comes with enough features that true WoW addicts will be able to get their fix on the run, buying and selling elves or whatever happens in that game.

According to the comments left by the video's uploader, the game is completed but waiting for the rights issues to be ironed out between Blizzard and Apple (and, presumably, Vollee), so we have no idea when or for how much this might show up on iPhones near you. [Touch Arcade]


Shamoononon drives like a farmer

Alright, here goes..... I play WOW. I am a Tauren Hunter, Death Knight, and Warrior. I am probably the games worst player because normal I'm just jamming buttons and half drunk, but I try.

I am SOOOO horrible, I still use my mouse to click the little icons for each attack. There is no way I'd ever remember which keyboard button does which. Also, in the seldom Raid I do go on, my hunter has been known to accidentally hit the priest instead of the tanks with the aggression shots, usually getting them killed in seconds.

I most often play arena, but I can't say I'm much better there. For the most part I play in teams like 'Not Drunk', 'Brimley can Diahbeetus', 'Welfare epics'.

So basically, I suck. The only reason my Guild keeps me around, which is one of the top on my servers, is because I make everyone else feel better about themselves, and, on occasions, at 2 am, I start telling interesting stories.

This thing looks nearly impossible to play on. If blizzard limited gaming to just this thing, they may actually get me off the game and can stop sending me all those TOS violations.