World's Biggest Chocolate Fountain Is a Willy Wonka Wet Dream

If you have ever had the privilege of dining in the Bellagio in Las Vegas, you might have got a glimpse of Jean-Philippe Maury's breathtaking 27-foot chocolate fountain.

This taste bud tempting, 2100-pound behemoth circulates around 120 quarts of chocolate per minute. Just take a look at the videos and see if you can resist visiting the nearest vending machine for something sweet. [Bellagio and TechEBlog]


Taste Test is our weeklong tribute to the leaps that occur when technology meets cuisine, spanning everything from the historic breakthroughs that made food tastier and safer to the Earl-Grey-friendly replicators we impatiently await in the future.



I'm sorry, I actually find this thing to be not only uninteresting and unappetizing, but even to be ever so slightly revolting. Chocolate is supposed to be tidy little squares of blissful, chewy goodness. This thing looks like it's pumping sewer sludge, or worse, Los Angeles drinking water.