World's Largest Radio Telescope Being Built in China, Hopefully Not For Evil

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I've just reread the entire plot of Goldeneye thanks to China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST), and am now concerned some serious shit might go on down here once it's completed in 2016.


It'll not only be the world's largest, but it will also be the world's most sensitive radio telescope, taking over from Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory. FAST will allow the Chinese to see into space three times further than Arecibo, not to mention seeing wider sections of 19 different sky regions—all due to the larger size of the dish, but also the hanging mirrors which weigh 11,000 tons, acting as a "dish within a dish," as PopSci describes.

What does this mean for us, down here on Earth? Once it's finished, the South Guizhou radio telescope will help search for extraterrestrial life—no joke—along with collect data of what's beyond our atmosphere. [ArXiv via NewScientist via PopSci]



Something tells me that this is not as innocent as it appears. I have a feeling that China has a more insideous reason for building this thing.

Just check some of the recent headlines:

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World’s Largest Radio Telescope Being Built in China, Hopefully Not For Evil


For all of you who dont think that China is any big concern, note this direct quote taken from last week's MSN headlines:

"[Gates] remarks Friday point to a degree of American impatience with traditional and newer European allies that in coming years could lead to a reordering of U.S. defense priorities in favor of Asia and the Pacific, where THE RISE OF CHINA IS BECOMING A PREDOMINANT CONCERN."


So, apparently the US govt feels the same: That China is becoming a big concern

My guess is that China is prepping for a major — and I mean MAJOR — conflict against the US and our allies.... Possible WW3.