Would Apple Really Try to Block Future iPhone Owners From Recording Live Gigs?

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In one of the most preposterous filed patents since the toaster/egg-fryer-combo, Apple's looking to protect its relationships with record labels and film studios by outfitting future iPhones with IR blockers, presumably with live venues and cinemas housing IR signal-emitting boxes.

The patent application—of which Apple files many—suggests that iPhones could detect whether a photo or video "includes an infrared signal with encoded data," and actually block the user from shooting. Pretty annoying for the person who's trying to snap a photo of their favorite band, but especially annoying for the person trying to take a photo of their friend who happens to be within the infrared signal.


Just because Apple filed a patent for this technology, doesn't mean it'll actually be seen in future products. I'm sure the uproar from both the bands (many of who enjoy and encourage fans taking photos and video of them) and the users would put any companies off such a restrictive "feature." [Patent application via 9to5Mac]