Would You Be Comfortable Trusting Your Health To a Robot Doctor?

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Technology is marching ever forward and the medicine is no exception. CNN's Fortune Tech predicts tech will eventually take over 80 percent of what doctors do today, and that might be great, but would you feel comfortable putting your life in the hands of Dr. Robot? Chances are that someday, you won't have a choice.


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Assuming that the sensors and other input devices that these machines use are working properly, at least their output, diagnoses, etc. will be consistent.

The more you deal with doctors, the more you realize that there's a lot of bad ones. Seriously. If you went to college, regardless of what field you were in, if you were a good student - do you remember all the bad students that outnumbered you? The ones who slacked off, didn't do their assignments, and barely passed? It's not any different in med school. There's students who are intelligent and really great with the subject matter, and there's students who aren't all that bright and/or aren't very good with the subject matter. Both go on to become doctors.

The more you learn about a particular medical topic, the easier it is to pick out the good doctors from the bad ones. But unfortunately, not everyone has the time or ability to educate themselves properly before visiting a doctor. At least technology is consistent. Assuming its logic is sound, it'll always be right.

This is probably a good thing.