Would You Ditch Cable If You Could Still Watch TV Anywhere You Want and Anytime You Like?

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Aereo is a new broadcast TV provider launching in New York that makes TV watching a lot more convenient. You don't have a cable box, you don't have an antenna, you don't have ridiculous fees. Instead, Aereo handles all the fuss for you. How?


Basically, when you sign up for Aereo, you're buying an antenna and DVR to use without having to put the antenna or DVR in your home. And like any antenna and DVR set up, you can watch all the major networks and record anything you'd like for future viewing. Aereo puts all the broadcast networks online for you, just hop onto Aereo and you get ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS etc. over the Internet. It's like watching TV but on your computer. What's great about Aereo is that it doesn't stop there. You can use your phone, tablet and even your TV (if you have an Apple TV or Roku) to, um, watch TV. Aereo is putting TV on the internets.

The sucky thing is that Aereo costs $12 a month. A little expensive for free TV, if you ask me. I mean, you could set up an antenna at your home and grab those channels for free but then you wouldn't have a DVR service (or a watch anywhere set up). No matter what though, it's obvious that the way we watch TV from our cable companies suck. If those old cable companies don't fix it, a company like Aereo might just figure it out. Hopefully? [Aereo via


I got rid of my cable about a year ago now. I pay for NHL game center and find everything else on the net (a lot of which is from networks own websites). Not having to sit through 10mins of commercials per 20min ep of shows is enough for anyone to leave old tv behind. Plus, I am saving money.

I'm in Canada, where we have data caps. I get 60gigs a month for roughly 50 bucks. I far exceed that every month but they cap overage charges at $50 a month. So for $100 a month I get unlimited internet. Seems pricey right? (and it is) but for internet and a decent cable package I was paying close to $150. So I'm saving $50 a month and can watch everything I want without commercials.