Write-On Mug Leaves Revocable Trail of Evidence

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There's nothing I despise more than taking a sip of coffee and not having my day's list of appointments written an inch from my nose.


The Write-On Mug (complete with erasable mini pencil) solves this daily dilemma, and if I were willing to fork over $16 for the cup, I could write my schedule on it for today:

8:00am — Coffee and cereal
8:30am — Sift through Lucky Charms box for bonus marshmallows
9:00am — Sit monkey at computer
11:00am — Scold monkey for leaving bananas everywhere, again
11:30am — Apologize to monkey, thank him for years of service
11:31am — Leave for simultaneous massage/smoothie/enema lunch
1:00pm — Write a few emails
1:15pm — Take nap
4:59pm — Wake
5:00pm — Sign offline for the day, sit monkey in front of Xbox

[fredflare via Nerd Approved]



I actually know (work for) someone who needs this. A top level executive who has lousy time management skills and cant remember where he is supposed to be and what he is supposed to be doing.