Once Verizon begins offering the iPhone, very, very soon, it will also offer customers an unlimited data plan to go alongside their shiny new Apple smartphone.

This according to a new report out of the Wall Street Journal this afternoon.

Offering customers an unlimited data plan, as you probably know, differs from what AT&T customers can currently choose from, given that AT&T removed the unlimited data plan option from all but grandfathered-in customers back in 2010.


All that said, Verizon may very well only offer the unlimited data plan option for a limited time, reports the WSJ, as executives are already on record saying the industry needs to move toward a tiered system in the future. This could be a promotional tie-in to help create some of the 12 million iPhone customers analysts predict Verizon could have by year-end.

We'll be sure to have more information on this and all Verizon iPhone developments during the January 11 event. [WSJ]