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WTF Are These Phone Names, Samsung?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Samsung's unveiled four new Gingerbread handsets, along with a brand new—and fairly psychotic—naming structure. There are also new classes of phone, with Pro designating a physical keyboard, Plus an upgrade, and LTE, well, LTE.

The new models are the Galaxy M Pro, Galaxy W, Galaxy Y, and Galaxy Y Pro. The Galaxy W looks like the best of the bunch, with a 1.4GHz processor, 4GB of on-board storage (expandable by SD card), 3.7-inch screen, and a 5MP camera. Both iterations of the Y carry 832MHz processors and sad everything-else specs. 160MB storage for both, 3.0- and 2.6-inch screens for the Y and Y Pro, respectively, to go with cameras at 2 and 3MP. The M Pro looks middle-of-the-road, with a 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM, and a 5MP camera.


But really, what's important here is the names of the new "classes." The alphabetized naming structure is annoying, and doesn't do much to quell the bitching that Android phones are indistinguishable black rectangles, but whatever. Except the letters are actually just representative of what Samsung thinks the phones embody. Here's how the company (presumably someone on staff who recently suffered a cerebral hemorrhage) describes the new lines:

- "S" (Super Smart) – Devices at the very pinnacle of Samsung's mobile portfolio. This class will only be used on flagship devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S, the award-winning smartphone that has already sold 10 million units throughout the world.
· "R" (Royal / Refined) – Premium category models, a combination of power, performance and productivity for the individual who wants to be defined by the technology they carry.
· "W" (Wonder) – High quality, strategic models, perfect for those seeking a balance between style and performance.
· "M" (Magical) –High-performance models at an economic price-point.
· "Y" (Young) – These are entry models or strategic models for emerging markets or a younger audience more sensitive to price.


I mean, that makes sense if the next announcement is a partnership with My Little Pony or Dora the Explorer, but how in the world does something like that happen otherwise? [Samsung via This Is My Next]

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