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Three things weird happened today. First, Jalopnik sent us a cellphone tip.

Next weird thing is the tip itself: Toyota, known for having the gadgety-est cars around, is developing a cell phone with Japan's #2 wireless carrier, KDDI Corp (in which Big T owns an 11 percent stake). Mike is all wordsmithy, so I'll let him tell you about the phone his own sentences.


It's not just any throwaway burner, mind you; the handsets — dubbed "TiMO" — which are based on an existing KDDI phone made by Toshiba, will tie in via Bluetooth to navigation and other systems already installed in the company's cars. The service will include downloads of music, games and various manner of digital media, as well as an emergency telematics dealie that may or may not involve a team of unicorns that cascade down a sparkly rainbow to provide 24-hour road service. The phones will go on sale this October in Japan at the company's automotive outlets.

Unicorns! I read it on the internet, so it must be true. Maybe they'll put the RFID engine starting signal inside the phone for the sheer convenience of being able lose both your cellie and your car keys at once.

The third weird thing is that I have a nest of Yellow Jackets burrowing into my kitchen wall. I hear them scratching at the wood, hungry for my eye-flesh. You can't make this shit up.


Toyota to Make Cellphones [Jalopnik]


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