X-Files Is Dumping Most Mythology Episodes Next Season, and I'm X-Tra X-Cited

I am contractually obligated to use this on all good news X-Files posts. Same deal with the headline. (Image: Fox)

One of the big complaints about the X-Files revival was the weakness of its mythology episodes. So when The X-Files comes back again again in 2018, there will only be two mythology episodes. It’s like Chris Carter and company have to wean themselves off them.


At the recent Television Critics Association event, Fox entertainment chairman David Madden explained that eight episodes of the 10 will be the sort of standalone, monster-of-the-week-style episodes that were often the standouts of the series.

The problem, of course, isn’t actually that the standalone episodes are all good and the mythology episodes are all bad. I direct your attention to the abysmal “First Person Shooter,” where, for some reason, the Lone Gunmen are involved in a VR game that, for some reason, sucks in its players and kills them with, for obvious reasons, a hot cyber girl. Also, I direct your attention to “Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man,” which is excellent and only works because of the mythology of the show. (And was written by Glen Morgan and directed by James Wong, both of whom are returning for the eleventh season. Maybe have them do another mythology episode?)

The problem is actually that while Chris Carter is the man who created the show, his writing is not the strongest The X-Files has ever seen, especially on mythology stories and especially recently. So the big question is whether Carter will let anyone else take the reins on that.

From EW:

Madden also teased a bit about season 11’s storyline. “We start the season right up from where the season finale left off with that big helicopter and takes you right from there,” he says. “You’ll be launched into a very urgent adventure that has a lot to do with William — Mulder and Scully’s kid. So the search for William will be a significant thread through the show. You will see the Cigarette Smoking Man [William B. Davis]. You may see The Lone Gunmen somewhere along the line. There will be other characters from the previous mythology that will be reprised.”

... Please let someone else help write this, Chris.

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Ben Grimm

The problem is that the mythology ran out of ideas some time after the bees showed up and then disappeared up its own ass. There’s not really anywhere for it to go at this point. It’s not that mythology episodes were always bad, it’s that they were all bad after a certain point.