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It's not got the good looks of Ben Heck's previous Xbox 360 laptops, but modder TheTwoJ's efforts aren't bad—and unlike Heck's creations, you can bid for it on eBay with the starting price listed as $1,950.


It actually cost the modder over $2,000 and 650 hours to make the X-top as it's been dubbed, and he's been testing it for problems for the last three months, with no overheating issues to speak of.

Internally, the thing is made from an Xbox Elite Jasper system, with a 120GB hard drive and 17-inch Gateway monitor. He's squeezed an Xbox Live camera in, and it comes complete with 12 months of Gold Live membership, a wireless 360 controller, Xbox Live headset and custom power cord supply.

It's pretty much the ultimate Xbox laptop, and while it's chunky you can't say it's no larger than your current Xbox-and-monitor set-up, right? [eBay via BenHeck Forums via Technabob]

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