Xbox 360 Messenger Bag: Not Just for Carrying the Console

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Pretty soon you'll be able to get a messenger bag for every imaginable pursuit, with recent examples being Adobe with its luxo-sport leather messenger bag, and a Firefox-themed bag following soon thereafter. Now A.L.S. Industries brings forward its entry into this specialty market with its Xbox 360 Messenger Bag ($50), designed with pockets and pouches specifically for the Microsoft gaming console.


Our gaming brothers at Kotaku point us to a reviewer at Planet Xbox 360 who doesn't much care for this bag's carrying capacity, complaining that after you've placed the 360 console et. al. into it, the pocket that's left is only big enough for squeezing in one game. But we're thinking there's not a whole lot of transportation of these Xbox 360 consoles going on anyway, so this will be a nice opportunity for those enamored of the spiral-esque 360 logo to show their stuff while strolling through the halls of academe and elsewhere. The messenger bag: it's the new bumper sticker/lunch box/campaign button.

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With large lettering on it saying mug me, i'm carrying expensive gear....

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