Xbox 360 Update Full Feature List: It's the Little Things That Matter

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Wanna know what all's inside the update you're gonna download today, besides the fresh taste of exclusivity? Microsoft's dropped the official list of everything that's new. Honestly, it's the little things I'm more excited about.


Here's what I like:
• Account recovery is faster—great if you play over at your friends' places a lot, 'cause it takes damn near forever.
• Party invites are less clunky
• You actually get notifications when your subscription's about to expire
• Achievement browser's better, and you can launch games from it (yes!)
• Active Downloads and other screens like that are actually easy to get to
• Under My Xbox, there's a handy troubleshooting section called Solutions that brings together all of the info that was scattered throughout the UI (scary you need this though, I mean, we're talking about a game console, right?)
• And while it's not as good as having more than 100 friends, you can sort your friends list in different ways


All of that just seems to add up a nicer experience that frustrates you less often. Plus, you know, there's all that other stuff we already told you about. I wish I could download it today too, but my Xbox went all RRoD on me two days ago. Enjoy it for me, kay? [Xbox]