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Yahoo Considering Google Alliance, Hitler's Pills

Illustration for article titled Yahoo Considering Google Alliance, Hitlers Pills

Looks like the Microsoft purchase of Yahoo is going to shake the intartubes no matter what happens at the end. Now Reuters is saying that Yahoo management really "is considering revisiting talks it held with Google several months ago on an alliance as an alternative to Microsoft's bid." Apparently Google's head honcho Eric Schmidt called Jerry Yang to "to offer his company's help in any effort to thwart" Microsoft's effort. Ah, the hypocrisy of enterprises. The enemy of my enemies is also my enemy. I wonder how David Drummond is going to explain why a Yahoo-Google pseudo-cartel is better than a Microsoft-owned Yahoo. [Reuters]


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All this attention on Yahoo, a company that is nothing but a shadow of what it used to be. What has Yahoo done in the past few years that could be worthy of such focus? This is a company that can not help but destroy whatever they aquire. Enjoy this, Yahoo shareholders while your stock continues to rise on your dieing piece of Internet history.