Yep, You Can Pay for College In Bitcoin Now

King's College, a conservative evangelical college in New York City, is now accepting Bitcoin for tuition, making it the first United States university to do so. Hallelujah!

The school—which is located within spitting distance of Wall Street—is also accepting the digital currency for "other expenses and donations." Per a statement from King's College:

As the first institution of its kind to make this move and accept digital currency, The King's College will signal to other institutions that Bitcoin acceptance is not simply for technology companies. Much like the first universities or businesses to obtain email addresses, The King's College is standing at the forefront of change.


Sure, okay, makes sense to embrace new tech, and apparently lower costs, which was another part of the explanation for the acceptance of Bitcoin into the college's heart. And after all, if people are going to give you money, you might as well take it however it comes. Will it make King's College the next Harvard? Probably not. It didn't quite help the first Bitcoin-loving sports franchise, the Sacramento Kings. Only time will tell. Time and students with stashes of bitcoin. [King's College h/t @PublicRoad]

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