Yes, a Meat Vending Machine Exists

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When I'm buying a nice cut of meat, I like to talk to my butcher and feel like I'm in touch with the source of my food. Either that or I just slip a fiver into a vending machine.


Yes, a butcher shop in Northern Spain, Izarzugaza, has just started offering meat 24/7 from a vending machine. It's got various meats, sausages and sandwiches that vary based on the season, and there's even a multilingual touchscreen that makes it easy for you to order a porterhouse no matter what language you speak.

I guess it's pretty cool, right? But something about just pushing a button and having a shrinkwrapped hunk of meat fall out doesn't feel right to me. What say you? [Springwise via Consumerist]



Excuse me, Miss?! Can you help me shake the machine. My sausage got stuck. Wait? Where are you going?

(Pause. Looks at machine) Oh crap. No it's not what you are thinking. I meant my penis is stuck in the change return. Miss?!