Yet Another Heartwarming Tale of Ryan Reynolds' Commitment to Getting the Deadpool Movie Right

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We all know how much Ryan Reynolds loves Deadpool, both the character and the movie, thanks to his extensive marketing for it and that heart-warming story about how the actor made sure the movie included a tiny Bea Arthur cameo. As it turns out, Reynolds didn’t stop there.

The actor was so committed to making the movie work that he paid out of his own pocket to have the scriptwriters, Paul Wernick And Rhett Rheese, on set every day when Fox wouldn’t. Rheese and Wernick revealed the tidbit in the latest episode of AMC’s Geeking Out:

We were on set every day. Interestingly, Ryan wanted us there, we were on the project for six years. It was really a core creative team of us, Ryan, and the director Tim Miller. Fox interestingly wouldn’t pay for us to be on set. Ryan Reynolds paid out of his own money, out of his own pocket.


Presumably Reynolds wanted them on set for their creative input—and plus, after all, they too had been working away on this film for years, just as he had. But also it’s just a nice thing to do in the face of the studio declining to do it.