You Brew It Up! Ah, Damn You! God Damn You All to Hell!

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The handful of trailers we’ve seen for The Lego Movie 2 have only given us fleeting glimpses of Apocalypseburg, where minifigures like Emmett and Lucy struggle for survival—and decent coffee—after the invaders from planet Duplo laid waste to Bricksburg. But Lego’s new 3,178-piece Welcome to Apocalypseburg! set now gives us all the gritty details of what life is life in the movie’s sequel.

Adequate access to caffeine is still a priority in this dystopian town, which is built around a towering but toppled brick-built version of the Statue of Liberty. But in addition to a ‘Coffee Unchained’ franchise staffed by Larry the Barista, the set also includes a tattoo parlor, an armory, a rooftop diner, a gym, a spa, and an office for Scribble Cop, complete with a kickable chair.


Collectors will often buy a Lego set solely for the minifigures it comes with, and Welcome to Apocalypseburg!’s inclusion of characters like ‘Where are my pants?’ Guy, Mad Max-ian Batman, dystopian Green Lantern, Chainsaw Dave, Mo-Hawk, and even Justice League-era Harley Quinn might alone justify the set’s $300 price tag when it’s officially available at Lego stores and Lego’s website starting on January 16.


The Lego Movie 2 hits theaters on February 8, 2019.

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