You Can 3-D Print Some Amazing Stuff With This Ultra-Strong Resin

Formlabs, a 3-D printing supplies company, has a new kind of resin it’s calling ‘tough’. It’s still plastic, but plastic you can make real things out of.

The company claims that things printed with Tough resin have about the same strength and impact resistance as ABS plastic. That’s not quite the 3-D printed car future we’ve all been promised, but it’s strong enough to make useful objects like chains and wrenches.


To print something out of Tough resin, you’ll need a Formlabs Form 1+ printer, which uses photosensitive resins and laser beams to sculpt objects. That technology enables the printer to bind each printed layer chemically, creating a chain of semi-flexible atoms that lends the final part extra strength, without needing to embed fibers in the material.


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Images: Formlabs


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