You Can Compress This Water Bottle Into a Tiny Puck When It's Empty

Most of your travel accessories can be compacted for easy storage when they're empty: your duffel bag, your toiletries case, even your sleeping bag. So why does your water bottle waste so much space after you've drained it? It shouldn't, and with Hydrapak's new collapsible Stash bottle, it never will again.

The 750 ML bottles feature molded tops and bottoms made from rigid plastic so they can stand on their own when full, and not collapse like a package of Capri Sun while you're drinking. But when empty, they can be compressed to just two-inch tall pucks that even stack for easy storage. Available sometime this month for just $18, the bottles are even dishwasher-safe, so they don't need to be hand-washed in the sink like a pair of smelly socks. [Hydrapak via Notcot]


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