You Can Create Holograms Right Now, Using This $1 iPad App and a DSLR

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Shooting long exposure photos of an iPad in motion magics up stunning "holograms"—and all for just $1. It's one of the most futuristic, wackiest apps I've seen yet, and will impress anyone you show it to.

Any word or phrase can be turned into a hologram (said in the loosest description of the word) using the app, with adjustables including the color, font, size, angle and so forth all available for tinkering. Once the chosen word has been created, the countdown begins, which is when you drag an iPad or iPhone in a straight line (watch the video below to see exactly what I mean) in front of the set-up DSLR, which is shooting long-exposure photos.


The shapes and patterns dancing across the iPad screen are actually single frames of a 3D animation, with the long exposures later turned into a stop-motion movie, where the frames are pieced together to create something like you see above.

At the moment the app is only capable of making words, but a later version will let you draw objects.


It costs $1, but be warned that this app is only for someone possessing a DSLR and an infinite amount of time up their sleeve. [iTunes via Core77]


Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.