You Can Now Control Your Roku From the Apple Watch

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Photo: Roku

If you happen to be somewhere in the intersection of Roku and Apple Watch owners, good news. Today, Roku launched a free app for your wrist that features voice controls, and the ability to find your remote.

To get the app, you just have to update the Roku mobile app to version 6.1.3 on your iPhone. If you’ve got automatic installs enabled on your watch, the app should then appear without you having to do anything. If not, you’ll have to go into the Watch app.


Surprisingly, the Roku app seems pretty well thought out. Not only does it include a virtual remote, but it also has the option of quickly launching your favorite channels. For select Roku devices and Roku TV models, you can also tap an icon to use voice commands. According to Roku’s blog, that means you can ask your Roku to launch channels, switch HDMI ports, or even search within specific genres. It might sound silly to speak into your wrist when you could just use the remote, but it’s always nice to see features that could help users with mobility issues.


But perhaps the best feature is the app’s remote finder. Roku Ultra and Roku TV users can use the Apple Watch app to signal the remote, which will then play an “audible chime.”

This isn’t the only Roku-Apple mashup as of late. Just last month, Roku added an Apple TV app to its Roku Channel Store. The app lets Apple users access TV shows and movies purchased and saved in their iTunes library, as well as gives them access to the Apple TV+ streaming service. Considering that, it makes sense that Roku would then build out extra functionality for its iOS mobile app.