You Can Now Convert Live Photos to GIFs on Twitter

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Good news for everyone who likes Live Photos. If you want to share them on Twitter, you can now convert them to GIFs. So you know, they’ll move now as God intended.

The change was announced on Twitter’s official account, albeit dramatically. “Every day millions of iOS Live Photos go unshared. They live in isolation deep in forgotten albums,” reads an accompanying video over electronic music. “Today is a new day. Live Photos now have a new home on Twitter.”


All you have to do is upload a Live Photo as you would a regular one. The only difference is now you can tap the GIF icon in the lower lefthand corner. And voilá, your Live Photo now lives on Twitter as a GIF. The whole thing is easy, so long as you remember to hit that GIF icon. Here’s an example with a Live Photo of one of the Christmas trees at the Gizmodo office.

To enable Live Photos, you just have to go into the Camera app and hit the concentric circle button up top, to the right of the flash button. You’d be forgiven for literally never using this feature—it’s something that’s definitely better in theory than in practice. Though, if you live on the garbage site and feel like creating your own custom GIFs, the latest Twitter update is actually kinda nifty. It probably won’t breathe new life into Live Photos, but at least it’s something.

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what the fuck is “Live Photos”?