You can now crowdfund a Back to the Future-esque Hoverboard for $10,000

Ah, Kickstarter. It's full of crazy ideas for all sorts of things - now including an actual goddamn Hoverboard that let's you basically pretend to be Marty McFly. Thanks, science!

The Hendo Hoverboard is made by Greg and Jill Henderson is a fully functioning prototype that they've placed on Kickstarter, in order to get more funding to advance their design into a final product, as well as proliferate the use of magnetic-field hovering technology among a wider base of users.


The board isn't quite the BTTF-shaped technology of your dreams - it only works on surfaces made of non-ferromagnetic conductors and only elevates the user about an inch off the floor - it's about as close as you can get today, and is still remarkably impressive. While the tech might not be useful for hoverskating development, the Hendersons hope that by raising interest in the technology and sending out 'hover-engine' devkits, advances might be made to make it more efficient and powerful - and one day, as they say in the Kickstarter video, potentially even rival the wheel.

If you want one of your own though, it'll set you back a whopping $10,000 pledge (although the still pricey, but way cheaper tier of $100 nets you a ride on one in Silicon Valley), $299 gives you the Henderson's 'White Box' devkit, which contains both a set of small hover-engines and a surface to levitate them over - in the hopes that you'll tweak with it and try and create new things using the technology. Or float a beer on top of it, your choice.

Although the Henderson's Kickstarter does say they can't mention the movie everyone will reference talking about this crowdfunding proposal, there is a subtle connection - they intend to have their Hendo Hoverboards in backers hands (if they reach their $250,000 goal that is) by October 2015. Sound like a familiar date to you?


Nah, me neither.

If you're interested in backing, check out the link below.


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