You Can Now Listen to Lion Beyoncé All You Want, The Lion King Soundtrack Is Here

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Father and son, on the cover of the new soundtrack for The Lion King.
Father and son, on the cover of the new soundtrack for The Lion King.
Image: Disney

Considering the movie is essentially an unnecessary computerized do-over of the beloved original, why not just...stay at home and listen to the soundtrack instead? At least this way you’ll get all the Beyoncé you need without a trip to the cinema.

With Jon Favreau’s The Lion King about to release, Disney has officially uploaded a selection of pieces from the new soundtrack, which, well, is pretty much the old soundtrack with a slick new coat of paint. Some of it being Beyoncé paint!

We kid, a little.

There’s definitely some fun versions of beloved Lion King songs here—“Hakuna Matata” is still as jolly as ever with new voices JD McCrary, Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, and Billy Eichner, and unsurprisingly, Chiwetel Ejiofor kills it on “Be Prepared,” making us ever thankful that it was not cut as we thought it first might be.


But it’s kind of an interesting choice that one of the handful of universally-praised parts of the movie, amid otherwise mixed reviews, is just...available on YouTube? Well, it’s to your benefit and mine, so head on over to the Disney Vevo channel to hear a few more tracks.

Hakuna Matata indeed.

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