You Can Post Photos to Instagram With Hipstamatic Now

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Instagram and Hipstamatic are getting together to let Hipstamatic users post to Instagram, according to Fast Company. It's the first time that Instagram's API has let anyone post to the photo-sharing network with anything but the official iPhone Instagram app.

You get an option to push photos to Instagram after taking them, and can add tags for the lens, film, and flash, or a comment. It'll then read "Taken with Hipstamatic" on Instagram. People already post Hipstamatic photos to Instagram, but it's much more roundabout process. The new partnership lets you proudly display that you prefer these photo filters, not those horrible ones over there ven though the sharing network is nice.

The takeaway, though, is that Instagram's moving from a photo filter app that lets you share your pictures to a sharing hub, a platform where other apps' photos end up because that's where you find all your friends' photos. Can we please see about getting in on this action, Windows Phone devs? [Fast Company via The Next Web]

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No chance we can get the app stores to ban these things? Just because you put your photo in sepia doesn't make it any classier... It's just you and your duck lips...