You Can Order Sony's $1280 Walkman Today, But Don't

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For the audibly indulgent

Have $1,280 to spend on audio tech that's arguably superfluous? Yeah, me neither! But Sony's going to try to sell you one anyway with the absurdly expensive Walkman NW-ZX2 hi-res audio player.


Hey, I get it. For all you people out there who have ninja-like hearing and can actually tell any difference between CD-quality audio and what Sony is selling here, then sure. Maybe a dedicated player, filled with tons of memory to handle all those super-sized files, makes some sort of sense. But c'mon, that price is inconceivable. In fact, I'm not 100 percent convinced this isn't all some weird social experiment with results that will appear in a Japanese psychology article titled, "Americans Will Buy Anything: A Study."

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If you have about $1300 sitting in your pocket, and can't think of literally millions of other things you should probably buy with that money, then go for it. I'm going to sit here with my $100 earbuds and Spotify, and buy a new smartphone or five. [The Next Web]

Prepare your Facebook...for football

Two weeks ago, I was taking friendly jabs at my friend on Twitter who was rooting for the Packers. "Are the Packers even good?" I kind of feel bad about it now. But Facebook wants some of that action. Preferably all of it. With the Super Bowl Experience, they want to bring all that pigskin convo to the Social Network.


There will be live feeds. There will be curated posts from your friends. There will be Tom Brady deflated balls jokes. What do you do if you don't like football?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ [Facebook]

When the weather outside is frightful

PornHub likes dicks and data. Whether it's a complete years in review or how your porn desires breakdown by operating system, they have knack big, hot graphs.


This time around, PornHub took a deep dive on how a massive blizzard affects porn traffic on the site and what regions and cities turn toward naked entertainment when they're snowed in. Here's a couple interesting breakdowns:

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You dirty dogs. [PornHub]


  • If you were looking forward to a brand new Sony mobile flagship at MWC, you may need to keep waiting as Sony slows its hardware roll. [Android Community]
  • Moar HTC M9 rumors: A new look at the HTC M9 has some interesting surprises, but is still a little "maybe, maybe not." [Evan Blass]
  • "Here's What the iPhone 7 Might Look Like" lololololol. [Business Insider]
  • Gear VR isn't a one smartphone pony. Turns out the the upcoming Galaxy S6 may also be getting in on the VR revolution with a smaller Gear headset of its own. [SamMobile]
  • Bill Gates is reportedly working on a "personal agent" project for Microsoft that could be similar but not exactly Cortana. Hopefully, it's not Clippy 2.0. [The Verge]

Your Apps, Updated

  • OneDrive just made organizing your photos way better—letting you search by time or location. No more iPhoto annoyance needed. [OneDrive Blog]
  • Rolling Stone's archives are now available (for a price) via Google Play. Reading about the Sex Pistols on your tablet is so punk rock. [Fast Company]
  • Slack just bought Screenhero, a collaborative screen sharing service bringing video to the popular work-focused app. I wonder what Slackbot looks like IRL. [The Next Web]
  • Spotify will finally becoming to PlayStation as Sony phases out its Music Unlimited service. Best. News. Ever. [PlayStation.Blog]


BlackPhone you had one job—be the most secure phone ever and you blew it. A bug crops up in the smartphone's text platform. Whoops. [Ars Technica]


PlayStation Vita has a tough enough time with lack of content, but now Sony is gimping it even further by dropping the YouTube and Maps apps. [GameSpot]

Basis' Peak, Intel's purchased fitness tracker and one of the best ones out there, now lets you read notifications. No, it didn't let you do that before. [Engadget]


You can't make this stuff up

This is the social media dystopia I've always feared. AT&T is going to make a show for Snapchat with YouTube and Vine Stars. This is one of those moments when you feel the world slowly passing you by. Where you don't recognize what is hip and cool anymore, and all you can really do is just give up and accept a simple truth:

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The original cassette Walkman sold for $200 in 1980 (citation).

$200 in 1980 is equivalent to $574.60 in terms of today's dollar (citation)

Moral of the story, this Walkman is way fucking overpriced. But you already knew that.